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1 Driving and rental requirements
The Client and each authorised driver must meet the following requisites:
• At least 25 and maximum 75 years old. Young and senior drivers aged between 19 and 25 and over 75 inclusive pay an extra fee.
All drivers must have held their licence for a minimum period of 1 year.
• A driving license that is valid for the rented vehicle and that was obtained at least 12 months before rental of the vehicle.
At its own complete discretion and without giving any reasons, the Rental location reserves the right to refuse to authorize the rental agreement.

2 Payment
Payment can be made with a personal Credit Card Visa or MasterCard, if valid and authorized by the credit institution or by cash at the moment of the rental time.

3 Third party liability (RCA)
All vehicles are insured for civil liability in compliance with the law, theft and fire with a deductible/excess up to € 900,00 (for damage) and € 1700,00 (for theft). An extra insurance on payment is available on request.
The RCA policy on Lessor vehicles guarantees insurance coverage for civil liability towards third parties.
In case of an accident, the Client and the other party involved must fill out a CAI (amicable accident report) form, which is available on board the vehicle, then send it to the nearest Lessor's location, no later than 24 hours after the accident, or consign it together with the vehicle – if this is no later than 24 hours after the accident.

4 Refuelling charge
Vehicles are rented to Clients with a full tank of fuel. If they are returned without a full tank, there will be an extra charge for refuelling (Euro 5,00) over and above the price of the missing fuel.

5 Conditions for Driving and for Use of the vehicle
The Client is obliged to take care of and use the vehicle with diligent attention respecting the proper usage and characteristics of the vehicle, indicated in the circulation card, and with respect to the law, as well as:
a) to not use the vehicle, also through third party, for commercial transportation of persons or things.
b) to not sublet/rental nor permit a sublet/rental of the vehicle, even with driver;
c) to not entrust the driving of the vehicle to any person other than those authorised in the rental agreement, nor to any person without a valid driving license nor to anyone who does not meet the required requisites on the Contract documents;
d) to not transport animals, substances, or anything else that might damage the vehicle or leave an odour and/or slow the possibility of re-renting it; in case extra cleaning is required, the Client will be required to pay a charge of Euro 30,00.
e) to not repair the rented vehicle without the written consent of the Lessor;
f) to immediately inform the Lessor of any malfunctioning of the vehicle, to stop driving immediately upon discovering any malfunction, and adhere to the Lessor's indications if there is to be substitution or return of the vehicle;
g) to refuel the vehicle with the correct type of fuel.
h) to not utilize the vehicle for racing, test driving, or competing, nor on unpaved roads or roads that are inadequate for the vehicle, nor for driving schools, nor to pull or push other vehicles without the explicit consensus of the Lessor, nor to enter into restricted areas, nor to violate the Driving Code or any other law, nor to commit any other illegal activity;
i) to not drive the vehicle while under the influence of pharmaceuticals, narcotics, alcohol, or any intoxicant or any substance which may limit driving ability or slow reaction time;
j) to be diligent in the care of the vehicle, activating all of the security measures in the car, to avoid leaving valuable objects or items inside the vehicle, and in general to do all that is necessary to guarantee the best possible security of the Rental location's asset;
k) to not take the vehicle into countries other than those listed in the rental agreement, without prior written consensus by the Lessor. The «carta verde» (international insurance certificate), which is consigned together with the vehicle documents, does not constitute the aforementioned written consensus of the Lessor, but is simply a part of the vehicle documents.
In case of travel through countries not authorised on the Contract and/or by law, the insurance coverage and any agreements regarding exclusion or limitation of responsibility will no longer be considered as valid and it will be the responsibility of the Client to pay any costs sustained by the Lessor, due to not respecting the rental agreement.
The Client is liable for any damages due to any use of the vehicle unauthorised by law and/or by Contract. Any unauthorised use of the vehicle implies the full responsibility of the Client, together with each other driver, leaving the Client responsible for any relative claims or lawsuits.
The Lessor reserves the right to take back the vehicle, at any time and in any place, in case of any violation of article 6.

6 Vehicle pick up and Vehicle return
After signing the rental agreement, the Client is responsible for the vehicle and accepts that the standard options, the accessories and all of the items consigned to the Client by the Lessor, have been verified as being in good working order and in good condition and the Client agrees to return the vehicle in the same condition, free of any goods or belongings and with all its documents, as well as respect the date and place of delivery indicated in the rental agreement, with only normal wear and tear proportionate to the rental duration and the number of kilometres travelled.
On return of the vehicle, it is the Client's responsibility to verify the status of the Vehicle, together with Agency personnel, listing and undersigning any differences in vehicle condition from those indicated in the Rental agreement at the beginning of the rental period. In case the vehicle's status is not verified jointly, the Client hereby authorises the Lessor to charge him for any damages found on the vehicle.
At the beginning of the rental, the Client will have to communicate which Agency and when he/she will return the vehicle, as stated in the rental agreement. In the event of unauthorised late return of the vehicle, Client agrees to allow Lessor to take possession of the vehicle anywhere and at any moment.
A rental day is based on 24 hours with a grace period of 29 minutes. After this, an additional day will be charged.
In case of return to a place unauthorised in the rental agreement or an unauthorised late return, the Client will pay a penalty fee equal to the «Standard» daily rate of the vehicle plus 50% for every late day, except in cases of greater damage. The only exception is in the case of written permission from the Lessor to extend the rental for a longer period, after which, the aforesaid penalties will apply unless there is another authorised extension.
In case of unauthorised return of accompanying documents and/or of the license plate, the Client is responsible for a penalty fee equal to the «Standard» daily price of the vehicle, for every day necessary to replace the missing document or license plate. The only exception is if there are additional damages or relative fees. The damage deposit will be given back in full after the delivery of the complete vehicle, except for related fees or other allowances listed in the rental documentation.
The closure of the rental agreement signifies that any and all deposit fees have been reimbursed, which exonerates the Lessor from requesting a receipt.
In case of non-return of keys, for whatever reason and even if the vehicle has been returned, the Client will be subject to a penalty, equal to the daily rental charge for each day until the keys are delivered or until the Client consigns the original copy of the Police statement of loss or theft.
In case of non-return or damage, for any reason whatsoever, of any accessory or optional provided with the rental vehicle, the Client is responsible for paying the penalty fee.

7 Responsibilities of the Client
While in custody of the vehicle, the Client is directly responsible for any damage derived from use of the vehicle, as well as being liable for any damage claims from third-parties, even in the case of unauthorised use of the vehicle. The vehicle is always covered by an insurance policy valid for civil liability to third-parties, with the maximum ceiling requested by Italian law and within the terms of the insurance policy.
On the explicit request of the Client, the vehicle can be endowed with other optional coverages, which are explained in the contract documents, and have to be indicated in the rental agreement.
During the rental period, the Client is responsible for any tickets and/or fines from violation of the Driving Code or of any other law or rule, toll roads, parking costs as well as any other sum derived from using the vehicle, even in the case of a third-party, and the Client must pay any subsequent legal, postal, and administrative fee connected to reimbursement fees and to absolve the Lessor of any damages and/or damage claims by third-parties.

8 Responsibility of the Lessor
The rental agency is excluded from any and all liabilities and damages due to malfunctioning of the vehicle, late or non-return of the vehicle, consigning a vehicle from a different vehicle category than initially reserved, damages to goods or damages of any other kind, except in case of fraudulence or gross negligence.
The Lessor is also excluded from any liability for damage to objects transported in the vehicle or present in the vehicle on its return, except in cases of fraudulence or gross negligence.

9 Expenses
The Client is responsible for paying the Lessor the following expenses:
A. The rental fee, which is established in the Contract documents and depends on the following calculations. (I) type of vehicle; (II) the length of time that the vehicle is used until its return; (III) kilometres travelled; (IV) the tariff used by the Lessor; (V) the value related to limitation of liability or damage liability agreements aforementioned. The rental charges must be paid as stipulated in the Contract Documents regarding time and modality.
B. The sum of any fines or penalties incurred by the Client or the rental agency for violation of the driving code or other applicable laws, committed during the rental period;
C. Any sum owed with regards to contract documents (including but not limited to: refuelling, supplements, penalties and/or fines);
D. All charges due to damage claims and/or expenses and/or reimbursement due for the liabilities agreed to in signing the Contract;
At the delivery of the car the Client has to release a deposit representing the excess/deductible through credit card. The deposit will be refunded at the Client at the moment of the collection if the car is returned without damages.

10 Various
Services requiring payment:
• Fuel
• Consumable Fluids related to mileage driven (including, but not limited to: oil, radiator fluid, windshield fluid);
• Traffic fines or other sanctions incurred while in possession of the vehicle independently from who was driving it (art.116 sub.12 of the Highway Code).
• Highway, parking and other tolls.
• unauthorized entry into ZTL (limited traffic area)
• Repair costs in case of tire hole.

11 Extra Equipment and Services on request
a. Accessories
Infant, baby seats
GPS navigators
b. Delivery or Collection:
Free delivery and collection service in Verona and within 25 km.
Note: All charges and terms are subject to change without prior notice.

12. Competent Court Authority
The rental agreement and Contract are regulated by Italian law.
For any controversy arising from the conditions and terms regulated in the «Contract Documents,» the only competent court authority is that of the legal headquarters or residence of the Lessor.

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